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Horn Media group has since its founding in 1996 delivered leading publications within industries such as oil and offshore, maritime, life science, defense industry and tourism in Norway and internationally. For over twenty years, Horn Media Group has had the pleasure to work with 5000 businesses and organizations, which has given us a unique industry-oriented competence.

Horn Digital was established as a separate department in 2015, its goal being to make it easier for businesses to choose a partner to cooperate with on digital solutions – a partner with solid knowledge about the industry, set price agreements and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We will always have competitive prices and the most satisfied customers.

As of today, Horn Digital has more than 300 happy customers and the feedback from new and existing customers has been fantastic.

Horn Digital is ready for your project to be our next one!

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Alexander Svane

Sales and general inquiries

Christina Bjørke

Graphic design

Torkel O. Vikeby

Websites and support

Gina Husøy

Digital marketing